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Helping Realtors cut through the BS and earn the income that comes with it.

Meet Robert Spiegel—your expert mortgage and real estate financial advisor. He’s here to help Realtors like you leave behind the frustrations of the “mortgage industry BS” and begin a journey towards achieving financial and business success!

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So, you're a successful Realtor, but...

  • You’re sick of walking the deal to the finish line when your Lending Partner should be doing it
  • You’re getting tied up in closing current deals when you should be out getting new ones.
  • You’re tired of closings getting postponed due to Loan Officers not doing their job upfront, and you HATE surprises.
  • You think your partners should help you get repeat business and new referrals.
  • You’re having a hard time competing in a more complicated market.

Do you wonder...

  • If there’s a lending partner out there who does what they say they’ll do and consistently delivers, time and time again?
  • Could every loan close on timeand as agreed?
  • Could your customer have a better experience, be financially well-prepared for their purchase, and be more confident in you and the process so they refer you to their friends?

Working with us you don’t have to wonder. We’re different.

Meet Robert Spiegel

What if your Loan Officer was a strategy expert and was 100% transparent, not to mention an active real estate investor and investing specialist?

What if your LO could coach your clients into making better financial decisions that enhance their net worth while making you look like a rockstar?

Too many Loan Officers over-promise and under-deliver. They might be good at making money, but then they completely suck at getting loans to the closing table.

We are experts in getting loans to closing and making you look awesome in front of your clients.


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No confusing economic talk, no blueberry pie recipes, no BS. Just simple information to help you help your clients.

My Story

I was always a bit of an oddball and I never really felt like I fit in. I learned to enjoy being different and going against the grain. This created a business where I want to be different, a trendsetter…but also calling it like I see it; all while being around people that I wanted to be around.

I’m a problem-solver. Always have been. I seek out interesting solutions to fix problems. I’m also very independent. I don’t react well to being told what to do or following someone’s instructions. I create my own paths and systems. How’d I get this way? Besides a really weird childhood, my professional career took some interesting turns to get me where I am today.

I got my Real Estate License and started working for a residential real estate firm in Boston.

I moved to Houston and started working for a commercial real estate company. I was leasing shopping centers for a national grocery chain and representing national tenants to help them acquire lease space in Texas.

Became part of the ownership team of a property management firm, handling day-to-day operations. Though I was young and very naïve, I learned about all aspects of property management for commercial and residential properties including leasing, management, renovation/construction, maintenance/repair, etc.

Though property management for other owners is a truly thankless job; it was not fun at all and not a good fit for me. I am so thankful for the on-the-job training and experience I got which helps me immensely today.

I investigated buying a home, and the lenders I dealt with just sold me a loan. Even though I had a lot of questions there were plenty of other questions I did not know to ask. Something didn’t feel right – this was a huge purchase, and no one could advise me on what to do or what the right path was. Turns out something wasn’t right – I was steered to a loan product that was not right for my financial situation, but you know what? It was a huge revenue product for the lender.

My friend owned a large mortgage company based in Houston and convinced me to just come try it out and see if I liked it.  When I told him that lenders were all scummy and the industry seemed lousy, he said “So then don’t be that guy.”

The commercial real estate market was in a lot of pain. The property management business was miserable, and I felt there was something where I could help people vs large corporations. I got into mortgage, reluctantly.

I closed 58 loans in my first year in the business. I was studying underwriting manuals at night to learn about loan products and approvals. I had an underwriter who took me under her wing (maybe out of pity because I had no clue what I was doing) and she educated me on how to learn about loans.

A top producer at that company also coached me to know everything about the products…EVERYTHING. So, while my friends were out at Happy Hour most nights, I was reading phonebook-style manuals to learn everything I could about loans. I was building a business, and most importantly, I was good at it and I was having fun.

The market crashed in 2008. I was treading water to maintain an income during the hardest time of my mortgage career. Literally, my income was 25% of the year before.

Scummy lenders originated tons of sub-prime loans to borrowers who never should have had them. Mortgage loans became REALLY HARD to originate, and in some cases were nearly impossible to get. Tons of companies went out of business. I survived, luckily, but it was not easy.

This year was a tough time but the market was starting to improve. I was getting really good at structuring loans. I became the first loan officer in Texas to become a CERTIFIED MORTGAGE PLANNING SPECIALIST (CMPS). I took a ton of financial literacy classes to help clients make better financing decisions.

It was time to grow so I started building a team. Single loan officers can’t manage a large production volume with multiple clients. This is when problems happen. They get stuck in the minutia of the day-to-day…and generally burn out after a while…. or they build a “too big” team that loses touch with the client.  It’s a balancing act that I’m pretty good at.

My team fluorished and we doubled our business each year! I was ranked #1, 2, or 3 each year for loan production, nationwide, at our company!

The industry was in turmoil and we made two company moves.  These moves taught me a lot, but ultimately were not the right fit.  We enjoy operating like a boutique lender and being at a large nationwide lending firm does not support that.

We are back home at Republic State Mortgage, with a new vision and opportunities ahead of us. I am actively pursuing keynote speaking events about real estate and mortgage issues & building out my own regional team.  It’s so good to be home.

Break Free from Boring Real Estate Speakers

Are you tired of Real Estate speakers that present the same old boring sh*t every single time? Does it feel like it’s the same one they’ve been doing for 20 years? Do you need a speaker who can talk candidly about the current market, trends, and how to build business?

Robert Spiegel speaks with a style that is uniquely his – honest and straightforward. He will always call out the BS that the market tries to push as effective or normal. He’s anything but your normal speaker.

Robert’s Expertise:

  • Real Estate financial planning and mortgage markets
  • Real Estate trends and market data
  • Building Real Estate teams and effective partnerships in any market
  • 3D printing homes and cost-effective housing for the future
  • And more!
Speaking event
Speaking event
Speaking event
Speaking event

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