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It's time to have us in your corner.

We believe in transparency. We also believe that if we strive to offer you the ideal financing solutions for your mortgage needs, without all of the yuck that the industry tries to push on consumers, you’ll make smarter financial decisions. Isn’t it time you had an advocate?

Welcome to The Spiegel Group

Buying, selling, and owning Real Estate is complicated. There, we said it.  You know what makes it worse? All the noise out there that pushes people to make horrible financing mistakes.

The internet was supposed to make big financial decisions easier. We have so much data in the palm of our hands, but it has done the opposite.

We’re overwhelmed with data and opinions, making it impossible to determine what steps you need to follow to make smarter, better financial decisions.

Then there’s the current state of our industry. The barriers to entry are too low and there are too many unskilled people looking for a quick buck. Homebuyers find out too late the “advisors” they’re working with don’t even live in the US – or have never owned their own home. This makes important financial decisions seem scary.  That’s where we come in.

Robert Spiegel has 22+ years experience in the mortgage industry and 27 years in the real estate industry. This is the foundation of what makes us different. With the help of an EXPERIENCED team, we’ve built a referral-based business that focuses on helping our clients make solid financial decisions – paying attention to what is important.  You and your needs!

What makes our strategy different? In addition to Robert’s experience in the mortgage industry, he has experience in commercial real estate site development, residential  construction, commercial sales, and property management.

All this real estate knowledge has helped Robert become an expert on the Texas housing market…and that expertise is the recipe for creating strategies that MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE.

Let's Start a Conversation About Your Goals

Create a futureAvoid "all too common" mistakesBuild wealthRaise a familyCreate new memoriesStay out of financial trouble

We can help you whether you are a first time homebuyer or an experienced real estate investor. Having us in your corner is crucial. We promise!

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As an education based mortgage company we strive to provide helpful information.

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